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Smart Party Rents Gallery

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Swagging & Chandeliers
Sheraton Suites Fairplex Holiday Dinner
Asian American Exposition
University of LaVerne Presiden't Ball 2009
Canopy - 40 x 60
Private Residence - San Marino, Ca
Holiday Mission Table
Ceremony at Adamson House
Black Satin Formal Table
USS Stockdale Commissions Ceremony 4
USS Stockdale Commissions Ceremony 3
USS Stockdale Commissions Ceremony 2
USS Stockdale Commissions Ceremony 1
President's Ball - University of La Verne
Union Station Wedding Reception 2
Union Station Wedding Reception 1
Union Station Wedding Ceremony - Part 2
Union Station Wedding Ceremony
KROQ Epicenter Concert - Pomona Fairplex
Summer Night String Lighting - Calabasas, Ca
Adamson House wedding reception
Slate Blue Nova Infinity Table Linen
Pink Luncheon Table
Sheraton Suites Fairplex Holiday Dinner-2
Summer Backyard Wedding - Calabasas, Ca
Santa Barbara Taste Of The Town 2012
Santa Barbara Wine Tasting
Saddlerock Ranch - Le Dome - 3
Saddlerock Ranch - Le Dome - 2
Saddlerock Ranch - Le Dome - 1
Saddlerock Ranch Wedding Dance
Saddlerock Ranch Wedding Ceremony 2
Royal T Cafe in Culver City
Rancho del Cielo in Malibu
Rancho del Cielo in Malibu
Country Theme Wedding
President's Ball - University of LaVerne 2
Valentine Treat for Two
Orcutt Ranch Wedding Reception
Orcutt Ranch Wedding Reception - Pergola
Orcutt Ranch Wedding Ceremony
Open Hearts Foundation 2013 - part 3
Open Hearts Foundation 2013 - Part 2
Open Hearts Foundation 2013
National Hot Rod Association 2010 - Pomona
National Hot Rod Association 2010 - Pomona Fairgrounds
Saddlerock Ranch Wedding Ceremony 2
Long Beach Landscape Expo 2013 - Part 2
Pipe and Drape
Long Beach Landscape Expo 2013