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Product Inventory Glassware

Embassy all purpose wine glass. Height: 6 inches Capacity: 10.5 oz Shape: Round

Embassy All Purpose Wine Glass 10.5 oz

12 oz

Beer Mug

17 1/2 oz

Bolla Grande

12 oz

Brandy Sniffer

6 oz

Brandy Snifter 6oz

6 oz

Champagne Glass

Citation Champagne Flute

Citation Champagne Flute

10 oz.

Citation Glass

11 oz.

Citation Water Glass

8 oz.

Citation Wine Glass

1 oz

Cordial Glass

Glass Sugar

Glass Sugar

Glass Creamer

Glass Creamer

12" to be used with a candle.

Glass Hurricane Lamp

6" 8"

Glass Salad Plate

Salt and Pepper shakers come pre-filled.

Glass Salt and Pepper

Hi Ball Glass 9-oz

Hi Ball Glass 9-oz

Ice Cream Sundae Glass

Ice Cream Sundae Glass

An Irish Coffee Mug, ideal for hot drinks.

Irish Coffee Mug

9 oz

Margarita Glass

8 oz also known as a Cocktail glass.

Martini Glass 8-oz

Martini glass. Height: 6 7/8 inches Capacity: 10oz Material: Glass Shape: Round

Martini Glass, 10 oz

9oz 13 oz

Old Fashioned Glass

12 oz

Pilsner Glass

Champagne glass

Riserva Champagne Glass 6.5oz

Red wine glass

Riserva Glass 11oz

Beverage glass.

Riserva Glass 18 oz

Wine glass

Riserva Wine Glass 8oz

1 oz

Shot Glass

10 oz

Tall Chimney

9 oz

Tulip Wine / Champagne

9 oz

Water Goblet